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By fishing ran off the return of wizard 'leisure play

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By fishing ran off the return of wizard 'leisure play
China goes the cloud: "to man mo." In the game world, in addition to have a boiling passion of fireworks, and some sweet little everyday. Blowing air conditioning in the room, the feeling of eating watermelon fishing, than in the hot sun, surrounded by mosquitoes in the feeling of fishing is much better! Turn-based cultivate immortality online games, the sorcerer returned, provides many leisure game, players for leisure play. 【 】 between fishing water - between fishing water Stack green jade, green jade, green water, such as green jade green forest, many players will fishing talk between the mountains, the gurgling, laughing like song, no matter how the harvest, harvest but absolutely full of happiness. - to buy fishing rod Players through chang 'an store or dense forest fishing rods, weng purchase can enjoy the pleasure of fishing by the river, fishing carp, carp, catfish, grass carp, guppy, angelfish, crystal, turbot and other fish...
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