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The eliminator league appointments Play small theater

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The eliminator league appointments Play small theater
Tencent super of six to eliminate mobile game "eliminator alliance" online, don't delete file booking is now fully open, to activity get rich gifts page to make an appointment. Innovative introduced a hexagon eliminate play game, so that eliminate the have more possibility. "In addition, the elimination of nine had a very wonderful game and more than 20 interest elements. At present, the "whack-a-mole", "bully", "delicious restaurant" three small theater has met the player game, vivid interpretation of the three fun game, take you to eliminate worries and relax! Eliminator alliance to make an appointment with you into the six to eliminate world eliminator alliance is by day beauty studio to create a new eliminate product, the first fun hexagon elimination game, breaks through the previous four to eliminate, make possible the elimination of multiple directions, at the same time also brought higher playability and strategic. At the same time, popular meow, blended rabbit, kiki bear stars and soybeans four...
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