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Canine teeth "God Lie fourth contest Dong Xiaosa fate play crazy carry

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Canine teeth
8 PM on October 19, canine teeth live in big Wolf killed a reality show ushered in with the players look forward to the fourth issue of the update. And the third stage of "implicit Wolf, the Wolf" of the board, the fourth issue of the program are playing the different wonderful, uncertain new board for the gentleman is very satisfied with the sentiment is also soon broke through 1 million. On this issue shows, dong guide is the legendary chicken sauce carry strong, strong with rhythm to reap the full price his first MVP, is show effect is extraordinary! This period still "Wolf, Wolf" of the board, hidden in the prophet Wolf inspection to determine when the goldwater CARDS, but in the night, hidden the Wolf can't wake up, ordinary of werewolves cannot see who is the Wolf. And the Wolf was woke up twice in the night, for the first time a knife with a werewolf, a second wake up people choose whether to be a knife into a werewolf. Wake up at night only three wolves in plate...
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