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New transformers earth rally "transformers: battle of earth" to crystal

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New transformers earth rally
Between the autobots and the decepticons in a protracted war, and the key to winning the war is resources and more soldiers. At this point, the two sides in order to grab more energy crystal call out more and more elite at all costs, where the war is going, the earth once again face a huge crisis. Authorized by the hasbro licensed, tourism channel is used the wildly popular strategy against hand swim "transformers: battle of the earth" the new hits, more than new role is available for collection, new activities to detonate at the weekend. The new soldier reinforcements! Game welfare upgrade again In order to allow players to experience more of the new role, the game now update the new version launched more than a new strong warriors. People from car camp first aid, the perceptron two brothers together, together to defend their glory, but on the other side the decepticons are welcomed recklessly, cameras, shutter the three specialist, they will think of for the decepticons though achievements. In addition to the five soldiers...
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