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Mario racing with Nintendo for 25 years

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Mario racing with Nintendo for 25 years
Do you guys know that? Mario racing (Super Mario Kart) series has been 25 years of age. 25 years, members of the game circle, and the product was for a wave after wave, but the 1992 birth of the game now, and mix well, a new "Mario kart 8: Deluxe Edition (Mario Kart 8 Deluxe)" also ported to NS scenery. "Mario racing" series has become a game of evergreen trees, and it has been inseparable from the continuous progress of each year, each of the "Mario racing" are the host of the advantages and disadvantages are clearly displayed. "Mario racing" shows Nintendo's ideas, skills and values. That's what made Nintendo stand out from the competition. We speak with examples, and apart from a few works, the vast majority of Mario racing games run at 60 frames per second...
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