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"First season system on-line rights in three" day

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The ancients said, at the right time, all three, all in one; "weather system in three" rights in the new version of the game will add new, realistic and strategic play to the extreme! The seasonal variation in Xia Yu when the server of a country to reach 3, the whole service start seasonal system; season spring summer autumn winter seasons [], each season will have different impact on the world, each time from the beginning of spring, each season lasts 1 days, continuous cycle down; in the spring, during the national task start full service chat, chat and play passion; summer, all map series are all open, in the autumn, the harvest season, impossible to guard against; food consumption halved; in winter, all the big city and checkpoints in ruins, only passing no engagement; the weather when the server of a country Everything looks fresh and gay. reach the 6 level, which will appear during the mission of national weather phenomenon;...
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