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Trend of toys, why so fire!

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Trend of toys, why so fire!
This era, mobile phone is a toy, but even the iPhone is lose the attraction of the line, there is a "toy" but can cause just as much as Apple did binge effect in line. In July, Beijing 798 ushered in a flash of attention in the store - street name brand and luxury brand Louis vuitton attracted thousands of fans lined up in the form of a joint product of some scalpers, lead to chaos. The next day, at the gate of the POP MART wangfujing store, also gathered as much as the former people waiting in line, they are all waiting for painting this writer dragon house litres of toy sale and autograph session - even started on guard all night last night. POP MART new product launch fans line up Dragon house rose is an established Chinese painting in Europe this writer, back to Hong Kong in recent years the development of another creation route - designer toys. His elves Labubu is...
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