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"Hero alliance" sharp Vivian vs. the rope: 1 v1 data

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People's Daily, June 30 (Reuters) claim to be the only sharp Vivian within "fist" Jeopardy and "in spontaneous internal game decide the fist one second" Blaustoise, recently discussed can represent the most games "hero alliance" talent groups of players: the blade of exile, sharp cloud patterns, and share some data about the rope. Data in a game by game, an analyst at Begign Lime, his data samples from 20 May 2017 solstice on June 1, all the fist on the server during qualifying. Direct data contrast odds: overview on the overall situation, the odds of cable is slightly higher than the sharp Vivian. Sharp Vivian 51.0% 51.3% the rope contrast: mutual enemies When sharp cloud patterns and the cable respectively belong to two rival teams, sharp Vivian winning percentage is higher Sharp Vivian 51% 51% and the cable each team...
The results from the Machine Translation
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