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Internet cafes to construct the Alvin gaming base

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Internet cafes to construct the Alvin gaming base
In 1994 and 1997, the United Nations Educational, scientific and Cultural Organization jointly organized the International Symposium on "maritime Silk Road" with the Chinese research institutions in Quanzhou. After entering the new century, given the advantages of Quanzhou richly endowed by nature, UNESCO decided to put the world's first "world culture exhibition center located here, the project is also included in the" United Nations cultural heritage "of UNESCO's activities. "The world multicultural Exhibition Center" is a multi-cultural beacon light for all countries in the world, said Ramzi, program director of cultural heritage year. She believes that Quanzhou is the largest port in the east of the song and Yuan Dynasties, the people of Quanzhou still retains the rich national culture, Nanyin, Liyuan opera, puppet show, "Mazu culture" and other forms of folk culture, and the excellent traditional culture heritage has people with modern life and work integration. Quanzhou itself is a traditional culture...
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