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Don't new art "playlet bone let go of The Three Kingdoms", a new release

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Don't new art
On April 26th afternoon, Babel era in conference held in Beijing kerry center, announced the joint of hunan radio and television mango playlet bone, investment to build its well-known brand "let go of The Three Kingdoms" of the same name the film and television play. Games, film and television industry partners, media guests and fans fans together, to witness the Babel era crossover the first step in the film and television entertainment industry. "Let go of The Three Kingdoms of playlet bone" officially released also indicates the Babel era to build three-dimensional IP expansion plans formally to the surface. Literature, comics and even big movies plan will be released. The brand new era of Babel "playlet bone let go of The Three Kingdoms", a strong team. Director Mr Pan Liping is the "original master" hunan radio and television, has built the "where dad", distortion meter and other products show team, more with the film and television play in 2016 work "the playlet bone of the white snake" across the TV screen and social networking. ...
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