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Trainee youth meet in chengdu, "spicy girl" hot index of extraordinary!

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Trainee youth meet in chengdu,
Bettas are first large icon form class activities "trainee youth" ended on April 24, the headquarters audition. Is rich in the beauty of the chengdu, really liked, audition site brings together a wide variety of beautiful girl, MAX hot index, and they were afraid to answer to you! 36, as game selectively OuDeMei anchorwoman, peace of mind games to play good, not only appearance and talent are both online. With the dance performance not only sweet, captured the moment judges and water heart. 39 mann mann, bettas are secondary yuan's younger sister anchor, the scene with a song on demand rate ultra high pure land "bliss", the professional dance god is comparable to the original, water friends call didn't see enough! Live a myriad of powder, the rocket flying plane. 54 Zhou Jiaqian, small tiger tooth strength rob mirror, reveal a nifty in pure, lovely beautiful girl, so how can call people don't like? Size 40 faint, yao can rely on appearance, slants however want to rely on talent. "Sunny day", while singing don't...
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