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Exclusive interview with "Royal war", CLO S2, King Cao Chefu without crown

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Exclusive interview with
The thesis, the defense, the job search, the various gatherings, the Cao driver at the moment, and all the students in the graduation season, are nervous and busy, with some confusion in their longings. But unlike most graduates, there is another identity - the Royal war, the CLO S2 finals. Hot blooded youth, no regrets, April 28th, Cao coachman boarded the dream stage, to meet the ultimate exam this domestic tournament the highest standard royal war"! Sports boy -- enjoy the sensation of winning the game Cao driver, revealed a cool moment, if the frost, serious in speech and manner the introverted boy, do not seem to adapt all around the strange, he said: "in front of acquaintances and strangers, I was all two." In the familiar campus, we see such a Cao driver - sunshine, youth, passion, all kinds of dashing and graceful goals on the court, smart and comfortable. The movement made Cao coachman passionate...
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