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LPL2017 spring game playoff race time

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LPL2017 spring game playoff race time
Late April 16, 2017 season "hero alliance" professional league game of the regular season (LPL) spring declare packaged. 12 domestic top professional team, after nearly three months, 10 weeks after 96 BO3 confrontation, A, B two teams ranking in the end the dust settles, the ranking is as follows: group A: RNG, OMG, IG, IM group B: WE, EDG, QG, Newbee and at the other end of the table, the Snake, LGD, VG, GT with four teams will LSPL YM, DAN of two teams for two LPL summer match entry seats together. After the end of the regular season, after 1 day of rest, teams will be on April 18 of conquering the postseason stage. According to the schedule set: the playoffs and the second will be in the April 18 solstice alternate between April 23, and spring game finals two teams battle will be on April 29 in south...
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