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Joker, "asked" the PK season full guide to enhance combat capability

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"Asked" in the PK season of fire, the national fight does not stop. Various fighting competitions, massive surprise awards, detonating the popular PK Carnival upsurge! More "asked" the full brand spokesperson Joker force to help out, bring the whole guide to enhance combat capability, help you to quickly enhance the combat power, the PK tour season! More exciting, take you to see it! "Ask" the beautiful original picture Zhongzhou strives for hegemony to create the legend "asked" PK season hot blood to open, the Zhongzhou competition supremacy activity enthusiasm still continues to detonate. Every Wednesday night, the player can join the trade union as a unit to participate in the hot blood competition and defend the glory of the gang. Millions of friends together to fight together, attack the city, together for the gang to win the "Zhongzhou hegemony" title, enjoy the summit of Zhongzhou! More magnanimous business city props, numerical rewards for warriors, help you quickly improve the fighting force, easy to swim the PK carnival season! Can the former hegemony break the record and continue the legend? Or the battlefield...
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