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Only their not "glory war soul" launch and dog food

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Only their not
On February 14, 2017, ubisoft announced its new cold steel action game "glory war soul" is now officially land PS4, Xbox and One PC platform. At the same time, in just four days after the end of the open beta, a total of more than 5.6 million players from around the world to participate in the camp. Ubisoft said, the spirit of "glory wars beta participants of the communist party of China has more than 1.6 million PC players, it also created a public beta activities held by ubisoft on PC platform the highest number of records. Whether players are knights of the oath of allegiance, warrior or Viking camp, each player's average game time are more than 5 hours, all involved in the testing of total cumulative game time 1727264700 minutes! "The glory of war soul development team very thank all the players involved in public beta support and precious Suggestions" ubisoft Montreal studio game producer Stepha...
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