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Mobile game disputes become consumer complaint hotspots

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Mobile game disputes become consumer complaint hotspots
Xinhua Beijing on January 19 (reporter GuanGuiFeng) Beijing city disappear assist said recently, due to various reasons such as forensics difficulties, mobile game disputes become the new consumer complaint hotspots, disappear assist to remind consumers pay attention to keep good business receipts and other relevant evidence. Consumers in Beijing in early 2016, Mr Li bought a company to develop sales of mobile phone games. But he found that when using, the game has some design problems, such as the game provide paid equipment is not as effective propaganda said. Later, Mr. Li to the firm to be purchased equipment, play times, etc., to equal the money returned to him, but the company are unresponsive. Beijing city disappear assist, said similar mobile game dispute complaint, consumer rights protection can be difficult. On the one hand, the game equipment, blood, food and so on how to obtain evidence to become the first line of the difficulties in front of consumers. Even though some consumers first screenshot, protect...
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