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"Storm hero" new turbulence. Online, today is the third season

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Space-time hub will this week for new brawl: garden arena! Players will be able to fear the magic garden to enjoy the pleasure of killing, and with the help of a force of nature to get victory. In addition, ranking competition second season draws near, and the third season will next week (week) on December 15, officially open, if you want to get the second season's exclusive rewards, can want to grasp the final days of the opportunity! This week is the theme of the scuffle: garden arena! Here everywhere twining roots in aggressively spreading. Will be made by the two out of three sets of arena garden fear of demons and its hobbled blame guard, players need to beat the enemy hero, collecting seeds, with the power of nature to destroy the enemy's core! Battlefield and the arena before the scuffle, players will within 30 seconds, from three to select a random hero to fight. Every hero from 10 combat, players need to choose the ultimate skill, and talent, not with others...
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