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Dominate the Super League to deep grilled "super storm" league play

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Dominate the Super League to deep grilled
In the 2016 season has ended, the 2017 season will be far behind? Do you think the 2017 season Guangzhou Hengda can once again achieve 7 consecutive title? Jiangsu Suning, Shanghai port, Shanghai Shenhua can beat Hengda achievement in the new legend? Beijing Guoan, Shandong Luneng old team can return to the super BIG4? Everything you want to know in advance to play? In the "situation" Mobile Games, Master League to create your super super official licensed as a myth! Mobile Games, "super Fengyun" either player data, or the rules of the game are derived from the super league. In the "situation" Mobile Games using advanced motion capture technology to fully restore the physical characteristics of the super players, making the game more realistic. In addition, detailed and rich player data, as well as 50 formations, up to 729 tactical coordination, allowing players to create their own team, dominate the league, to create their own football legend. ...
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