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The aircraft storm "art of war Real fire back to the battlefield

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The aircraft storm
Recently, issued by Beijing philharmonic swim, Pai sen century development of 3 d air combat mobile game has revealed the aircraft storm official representatives of god goddess "curtilage" Ye Zixuan commander image, spirited uniform modelling is loved by the players, and at that time widely talked-about. Then to iron veteran public launch the aircraft storm "iron storm" large-scale public welfare activities, let players through the game compassion, an appointment after returning veterans, experience in the aircraft storm war art! , where the sky there will be a fighter hovering aircraft everywhere there will be a fire roar, and all these did the aircraft storm acme. From the point of fighting scenes, play the aircraft storm out of the Unity 3 d engine in art expression. Quality clear stereoscopic, detail depicts is exquisite, the texture from the wing, and past traces of air and artillery to the game in the scene, a fall of the debris clouds, sea...
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