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Xianjian mood not old "xianjian 3 d round the first expansion exposure

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Xianjian mood not old
Recently, the authorized by the daewoo genuine xianjian Chronicles mobile game "xianjian wonder pass 3 d round" official revealed a new version of the contents, revealed recently will launch the game first expansion plans. Your marriage system will be officially launched,'s players are looking forward to the mount system, team PK and arms drill of the game and other new gameplay is set to arrive together, together and see it! Flange, the forward edge of hoped this promise marriage system is hoped that this promise. In xianjian world many little xia, a team from the magic is the woman's daily, the inoculation of love is most precious. "Xianjian wonder pass 3 d round the upcoming players long-awaited marriage system, will be for your lover in the grand elegant wedding with beautiful and sincere blessing. After the update, for her players how meeting the bride marry, open all the blessings of the wedding ceremony? Ask flocculant in kaifeng Wang Peng ~ there will be what you want answer...
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